Analysis Report

Change The Food Analysis Report 2012
Here is the Wellness City Challenge Analysis Report from our work during 2011-2012 school year at Mt. Diablo High School in Concord, CA. Phase 1 looked at what it would take to work within a school community. We started with the staff to lead the health and wellness movement on campus because they are the stable population over the course of many years and could become role models. We determined the logistics to do a study, and gather medical statistics. We had Children’s Hospital Research Center review the health screening data gathered by John Muir Hospital.

We found that eating a healthy diet daily changed the participants physically, mentally, and socially through medical screenings, overwhelming anecdotal input and written survey data. In addition we cemented a solid working relationship between Wellness City Challenge and the staff and administration of Mt. Diablo High School. This is demonstrated partially by a nutrition course added to the school’s academy. In addition, Wellness City Challenge received a second grant to support food service across the Mt. Diablo School District.

Read the summary of our findings including cost of the project as well as additional data. We have analyzed the data that was gathered during the period August 2011/April 2012 at Mt. Diablo High School. This is the first phase of a broader project to “Change the food, Change the Future” beginning with Mt. Diablo School District. Our goal is to share our findings with other organizations to support healthy lifestyle changes beyond the local area.


Here’s a few videos that demonstrate the history of phase 1 and very early events Wellness City Challenge held to initiate the idea of Change the Food, Change the Future formerly known as “Change the Food, Change Everything.”

Change the Food, Change the Future Phase 1

Change the Food, Change the Future Phase 1 update Dec 2011

Change the Food, Change the Future  – Come to the table