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Overview – “Change the Food, Change the Future!” Program

We need to get the food supply right for future generations locally as well as globally. We’ve always known we should eat whole, natural food.  What we are currently eating is leading to more and more serious health disorders such as diabetes, obesity and heart disease. This will impact life expectancy for generations to come, where our children will face shorter life spans than we do. The idea was to make food more available and less expensive, not less healthy.

The “Change the Food, Change the Future” Program is a multi-phased program to provide intervention within key communities to support healthier life styles through food choices and physical activity. Wellness City Challenge realizes that changing the food impacts many other aspects of a community; such as waste management, power usage, and many aspects within food systems.

With the assistance of Mount Diablo Health Care District (MDHCD), Wellness City Challenge funded two projects in 2011-12 and 2012-13. These projects effectively positioned Wellness City Challenge to support change with the area’s youth in an under-served population. The program serves to provide specific solution driven expertise that augments other organizations.

Wellness City Challenge also partnered with Mt. Diablo Unified School District to develop a model foundation for educating and supporting MDUSD students, staff, and families changes within an influential, existing food system.

We started with the staff to lead the health and wellness movement on campus because they are the stable population over the course of many years and could become role models. We determined the logistics to do a study, and gather medical statistics. Find the analysis report here.

Wellness City Challenge is continuing to identify gaps in order to determine additional educational tools needed. These tools are being shared here for use across the district and beyond to support educating students, staff, and families about the importance of healthier eating. They will be available for HEAL zones community, all California Schools, and extended to anyone with internet access.