Healthy Eating Guidelines

Food Label Reading

  1. No sugar in the first three ingredients Sugar is in almost everything that is processed/packaged.
    There are over 40 names for sugar. High Fructose Corn Syrup and sucrose are the most common. Be sure to read each ingredient.
  2. 3 Grams of Fiber per 100 Calories Fiber is critical to living a long and healthy life. Unfortunately processed foods take fiber out to increase shelf life. To ensure the healthiest eating, look for foods with whole grain fiber.
  3. No Trans Fat/Hydrogenated Oils Trans Fat and Hydrogenated oils may increase the shelf life of your food, but at the expense of your health. These harmful fats increase heart disease, cholesterol & Obesity. Look for healthy fats, such as mono and poly unsaturated oils for a longer and healthier life.


Make these three simple changes for a big change in your life!

Eat proper proportions

Eat more foods grown from plants. (Fruits / Vegatables)

Eat less food made in plants. (Processed / Packaged)